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Allotment plots - good news

All the hard work has now paid off and the Ambleside Allotments Association is proud to say there are now allotment sites in both Ambleside and Grasmere.

Our first local allotments were established on a site in Grasmere in 2011, generously given for rent (in a great show of community spirit) by the Wordsworth Hotel there.

[photo of Grasmere plot is here].

Ambleside too now has its own site with the arrival of our Kelsick allotments site, on land rented from the Kelsick Trust. It opened its doors (or is that gate?) in March 2012 and the hard work has started to change oblongs marked out by tape in a field into productive allotment plots.

Generous help from funders and a lot of hard work from committee members got us to this point and thanks to everyone involved with both sites. We've a formal 'opening' planned for the Kelsick site on Saturday 30th June so do come along and see what we've achieved so far. In the meantime here a video about it ..

[video appears here].

All the plots at both sites are now allocated but if anyone wants to join our waiting list or would like more information about either site please contact our chair via this website in the first instance.
FOR MORE ... click on this Getting An Allotment page link.

The Association - what it's about

The drive to create allotment sites in Ambleside has come from local residents and the Ambleside Allotments Association is the group they have set up to help make them happen.
FOR MORE ... click on this The Association page link.

Latest news - what's happening

With plot holders getting busy at Kelsick site every week sees it look more and more like a 'proper' allotment site. The progess in a short time is remarkable.

See our News page for photos and the Association's most recent Newsletter.

FOR MORE ... click on this News page link.

Getting in touch with the AAA

Individual members from the AAA steering committee are available to answer your questions, it will be easier if you contact us by e-mail in the first instance, to do this go to our Contact Us page and fill in the form.
FOR MORE ... click on this Contact Us page link.

Being a member of the AAA

Membership of the association is open to those wishing to have an allotment and to anyone who wants to support us in this important community initiative. (a small annual membership fee is payable). If you could help on the committee that would be great, it meets once a month to discuss matters arising and to help run the sites.
FOR MORE ... Click on this Members' page link.

Ambleside Climate Change Forum (CCF)

The Allotments Association was born out of the Ambleside Climate Change Forum ( it no longer updates its information on line.)

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