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Welcome to Ambleside Allotments Association (AAA)

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Find out how to get an allotment

Are there any allotment plots currently available?

Grasmere has a site with eight small plots in the village. There is currently one vacant plot.

In Ambleside seventeen allotment plots have been created at the Kelsick site. There are currently a few vacancies.

If you are interested in becoming a plotholder please get in touch with us via email or give us a ring on 015394 33858.

We believe there is still unsatisfied demand for growing spaces in the local community and would welcome the chance to open new allotment sites. A local charity has offered to buy or rent land in order to make it available for allotment use so if anyone is aware of any land available do please contact us with the details.

Where are the allotment sites?

Located on land adjacent to the old Kelsick Grammar School on Stockghyll Lane. The site is 1.3 acres in an open and sunny position free from shading trees and structures. It is relatively flat. In the photo the potential site is in the centre of the image behind the stone wall in the foreground and bounded by the old school playground on the left.

photo of site of possible allotments

The Grasmere site is in the grounds of the Wordsworth Hotel in the centre of the village.

view of allotments before growing started!

[Thanks to Martin one of the allotment holders for this great photo]

What’s the process for getting an allotment and who's involved ?

If you live in the five wards of Ambleside, Rydal, Langdale, Grasmere and Troutbeck you will be able to apply for an allotment through the Ambleside Allotments Association. The AAA will enter into leases with landowners and then allocate plots to those AAA members who are on the AAA's waiting list. If you would like an allotment plot then you should get in touch with the AAA (see our Contact Us page for details) giving your name, address and how we can keep in touch with you.

Members of the local community who would like their own allotment but might be put off by personal disability should know that the AAA is particularly keen to ensure that there will be Association plots accessible to those individuals. If you would like to discuss this aspect please do contact us.

What do I agree to if I take on an allotment?

Once you are a plot holder you will agree to pay the annual rent for your plot, this will be fixed each year at the AGM - currently it is not possible to say how much rent will be as the formal leases have not yet been signed. However, we would anticipate it being in the order of around £50-60 per plot for the year.

In line with other allotment groups around the country it is useful to have a formal agreement so that it is clear what's involved and what you are agreeing to when you take on an allotment. There is a formal Ambleside Allotments Association Plot Holder's Agreement which you will be asked to sign and there will be a small annual AAA members' fee, currently £5 for an individual and £10 for a household/family. This fee is in addition to the rent you will be paying for the plot.

Click this link to draft AAA plotholder's agreement to read it, the document will open as a pdf in a new window. It can only be a guide as to approximate content as it will vary depending on specific aspects of any site and the landlord involved.


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